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Privacy Policy

Jabit Soft Pvt. Ltd. knows the significance of 'clients' and 'website users' privacy and thus provides absolute respect and assurances to protect private data and information that is provided, submitted, shared, and sent to us in all possible ways.The purpose of this policy is to take care of the privacy and protect the private information of employees and customers of Jabit Soft Pvt. Ltd. and confirm the agreement with laws and regulations relevant to Jabit Soft Pvt. Ltd.


The scope of this policy relates to Jabit Soft and its employee’s providing services to Jabit Soft Pvt. Ltd. It determines the processing of private and sensitive personal data of our current and former employees, potential candidates, and current and former customers by Jabit Soft during its corporate activities.

How we collect your Data

We will gather and process the subsequent Data about you as follows:


How we Process your Data

Anticipated Candidates

From third parties or other sources (for example, through recruitment agencies or Jabit Soft  employee recommendations, but only to the extent legally permitted and only to the extent necessary to obtain the position in question), which can also include public sources such as professional networking platforms or job portals. We'd like to hear from you if you applied directly through the website.

Employee Data

During your employment, we will collect data directly from you

Visitor Data

We will collect information directly from you at the time of visiting our premises.

Website Data

We will directly contact you once you voluntarily fill out your information on the website through specific provided forms to collect information from us or contact you. The details that you are simply required to fill in on the website are your identity information and contact details (e.g., first name, last name, work email, company name). Generally, you'll browse our website without providing any details about yourself. Within the website, we don't collect any of your sensitive personal information.

Client Personal Data in Projects

We collect information directly from you, while Jabit Soft provides services to you.

Marketing Data, Events and Initiatives

Once you contact (or you've been contacted) or interact with any Jabit Soft  representative, via the website or from professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter

Processing personal data

We may, where legally permissible, process your data on the following lawful basis:

    • Explicit approval is obtained from you when essential under relevant local laws or in specific circumstances, where you're physically or legally incompetent to approve but the processing is significant to guard your vital interests, for instance, where emergency medical aid is mandatory.
    • Without explicit approval when such processing is precisely authorized or delegated by relevant local data privacy laws, including but not limited to situations where Jabit Soft is permitted to process sensitive personal data.

How we will be using your data

We will use your data for marketing purposes in the following ways (to the extent permissible under applicable local laws):

    • Emanate and maintain our relationship with you, including responding to your inquiry, question, or remark.
    • To take part in marketing and business development activities in order to improve our services.
    • Improving the services we offer to you and overseeing our company's security.
    • We will communicate with you about our service offerings via email, SMS, phone, and other similar means.
    • Respond to any legal process or as required by law in response to any writ, defending us justly in the event of legal disputes or requiring action against any criminality, and dealing with any potential threat to an individual's physical safety.

Security Practices

Jabit Soft Pvt. Ltd. is dedicatedly committed to protecting your information with justified, strict, and acknowledged practices and terms. We do this to prevent losses, misuse, unjust practices, attempted damage or modifications, or any other sort of destructive action taken against your information. All technological measures are in place to secure your data.

By using and referring to the content on this site, you accept and agree that Jabit Soft is not responsible for any outside destructive actions that are indomitable or unstoppable attacks or malware suffering.

Quality of Data

    • We shall ensure to implement equitable methods to observe the standard of the personal data we store.
    • Every business unit and support function in our organization is responsible for ensuring that processed data is complete and accurate.
    • We shall implement a course to make sure that our employees can review, update, and ensure the accuracy and completeness of their personal data processed by us.

Revisions to Policy and Publication

We are fully authorized and have full authority to change this Privacy Policy at any time. When a change is made, it is immediately reflected on this page with a timely update. As a result, in order to ensure that the Privacy statement is up to date, you should check this page at regular intervals.

Contact our people

If you are not clear about anything on our Privacy Policy page, its inclusions, or any data, then you can contact us at it@jabitoft.com