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Analyzing Tool

Analyzing Tool

Your business needs an analysis just like every other business but every business doesn’t do that. So, here you have an advantage. What we mean by business analysis? It’s just analysis of your website, your demographics, current deployed methods and what needed to be done. In other words, what’s required to be added and what needs to be subtracted or it should be left the way it’s.

Do you need a website analysis?

Before we tell you how we do it and what are it benefits- first you want to know is it your worth? A subconscious yes my friend. Consider a store no matter its net worth. Like earning a lot or little but how do they know they earn. How will they know their customers are repeating? How will they know their progress? It’s by analyzing their website or their invoice if it’s retail and mortar. But still do you need it? A big yes. You want to know how people behave when they look at your site, how they respond to your social campaign, does it open within respected time or it lags several thing. It’s a matter of work not words. So, whether you are opening your business or are in for a long time- everyone needs an analysis.

What are the things we analyze?

  • Website speed.
  • UI/UX
  • Site ranking for organic keywords
  • Social media
  • Bounce rate
  • Meta tags
  • Site url
  • Marketing done in the past
  • Backend and frontend
  • Back links

  • How we do it?

    When it comes to SEO, we do it manually but figuratively. We use certain paid tools to extract all those details. Apart from that we use Google analytics to check your site speed, bounce rate, mobile responsiveness, and demographics so that we can utilize it for opening new pathways for marketing. Apart from that, we also check if you need an app or not?